As autumn ends, the first winds of winter dance through the trees, washing over the idyllic Mount Rokkō in Japan. Nearby, talented brewers produce legendary rice wine (sake). This crisp and refreshing wind evokes their story.

The locals call this wind “Kogarashi” – 凩

Like the wind, Kogarashi premium sake is a fresh, revitalising breath in the alcohol world. Both timeless and new, Kogarashi is ready to glide across Japan and bring the taste of its chilled and misty namesake to the rest of the world.

Genesis of a special sake

Kogarashi premium sake is crafted at the renowned Nihonsakari brewery in Nada, Japan. As Japan’s fifth-largest sake company, Nihonsakari leverages this experience to constantly innovate with exciting, stand-out brands like Kogarashi


The water in Kogarashi comes from the crystal springs of Mount Rokkō in Nada.


Kogarashi is brewed from a blend of two different rice varieties to give its stand-out taste and texture.


Kogarashi uses a special yeast created at the Nihonsakari brewery to turn the rice into alcohol.

Revolutionary technique

The Kogarashi brewing process involves polishing each perfect grain of rice to over 50% to allow for a truly crisp and rare experience. Kogarashi is also unpasteurised, which leaves the drink with a superior freshness and bold aroma. This harmonious marriage of different brewing standards forms a technique that truly makes Kogarashi one of a kind.

Want to stock Kogarashi?

Do you represent a venue or company interested in providing authentic Japanese sake? Learn more about Kogarashi and how to stock this unique and versatile brand at your venue.

One unique place
in the world

The Nada district in Japan’s Hyogo Prefecture is one of the top sake brewing regions in the country due to its ideal environment and high-quality local resources such as the natural spring water that flows from the Rokkō mountains. The Nihonsakari brewery sits against this tranquil landscape, expertly crafting a large variety of different sake types and brands.

While Kogarashi is made exclusively at Nihonsakari brewery, this beloved drink will soon become available around the world as new venues set to open overseas.

How to enjoy the Kogarashi sake

Get inspired with Kogarashi by learning the various drinking styles, recipes and great foods to pair with!

Whether you’re new to sake or just looking for some fresh ideas, we have lovingly compiled some of our favourite Kogarashi rituals and drinking tips.


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