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Nada, Japan

Nada is a sprawling sake district in the Hyogo prefecture of Japan. Historically, sake production first began here in the year 1330 with ancient sake masters establishing legendary breweries within the area’s five distinct villages. These villages in Nada are collectively referred to as “Nada-Gogō”.

Kobe Nishi-go Mikage-go Uozaki-go Imazu-go Nishinomiya-go

The five Nada-Gogō villages are:

  • Nishi-gō (西郷)
  • Mikage-gō (御影郷)
  • Uozaki-gō (魚崎郷)
  • Imazu-gō (今津郷)
  • Nishinomiya-gō (西宮郷) – the home of Kogarashi.

Surrounded by the Rokkō mountain range, crisp waters and icy winds, the Nada district tells a story of human tenacity and how sake masters can harness nature to create something pure and exciting.

This is why the Nihonsakari brewery was established here.


Kogarashi is brewed at the Nihonsakari brewery in Nishinomiya-gō, Nada. Proudly formed in 1889, the Nihonsakari brewery has risen through the ranks to become Japan’s fifth-largest sake company.

Today, Nihonsakari is also renowned for its exceptional brewers, who trained here from a young age and spent years polishing their skills to create some of the finest sake in the world. Many of these brewers then moved onto their own breweries to create famous sake brands such as Dassai and Kubota

Monozukuri and the spirit
of premium sake

One of the mottos of Nihonsakari is “Experience and Adventure”, which informs their innovative processes and desire for excellence, which is why so many brewers come to Nihonsakari to gain the best sake experience around.


Part of this experience comes from the concept of “monozukuri” – a staple at Nihonsakari. On the surface, monozukuri is a phrase that means both craftsmanship and manufacturing, while its deeper meaning evokes pure quality, perfection and the power of a strong work ethic.

Kogarashi premium sake found its genesis in these ideas, and continues to uphold the excellence of the monozukuri spirit and Nihonsakari’s proud legacy.


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